filmmaking is a cooperative job if only because of its technical complexity. But when a critic or a film goer speaks of a film been made by a particular individual,he is usually talking about the director-producer.

the director or producer is usually the one who conceives the idea of any film and its collaboration with the writers, producers, directors, actors, and all of its crew members to actualize the production.

Thus the growth in the film industry in Nigeria gave rise to the need of professional article on filmmaking.

this explains it all to you

  1. how to be anything you want to be in the movie
  2. how to write what you really want
  3. so simple and easy to understand

                     WHO IS A SCREENWRITER?

    A screenwriter is a person who produces fictional or nonfictional writing or literary art such as novels, short stories poetry, plays, screenplays or essays- especially someone who writes professionally..someone who is able to use language to express image and ideas.

As a screenwriter you write for mass media like film, Television etc you must know who you are, know your abilities and limitations. write a lot, digging deep through the Goldmine knowing somehow anyhow there’s gold there somewhere.

Read ten times as much as much as you can write. watch movies until they coming out of your ears. remember what you see can affect what medium you write for.

                                SCRIPT FORMAT

the traditional three act format of any story is:

  1. Act one – The set up (man A meets Man B )
  2. Act Two- confrontation ( Man A threatens Man B calls for a fight)
  3. Act Three- Resolution( they resolves their differences)
                                                       ACT ONE

(the beginning), SET Up your reader should know the lead  Character or protagonist, his needs and goals, in a normal world and the event that disrupts the world. Cause  a problem that the lead character takes actions to solve.

                                                              ACT TWO

(MIDDLE) of the story, confrontation you should let the readers know what the drama action is -(obstacles) how the Lead struggles to over the conflict or situation.



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