I don’t think you’ll forgive your conscience if you  fail to play this song daily

Little about this Great Artist

Paul Godwin Popularly  known by His stage name MOG Meaning “Man Of Grace” a.k.a Graceful P. is an Origin of Delta State, Home town Ndokwa west. He was born on the 22nd February 1992, in Zaria and Currently based in Abuja, Nigeria.

He is currently Signed to “Love Gospel Entertainment”, and has got Great Mighty Inspirational Singers: Anthony Kani, Chris Morgan, Jay Clef,  Nathaniel Bassy and Abuja Best Producer  Life G beats as His Mentors.

Music life

Godwin Paul  began His musical career at a very tender age, He is a drummer, and has been playing drums from his Tender age, and as a little boy he had this drive and passion for music and it is still burning in him even more and more.

After an Interview with Godwin Paul, He said he don’t sing only to entertain but to draw Men back to God with His Inspirational Songs. He Further said.

“Singing is one of my Goal and Mission to draw men back to God for his Kingdom  by the Grace of God, I don’t sing only to entertain, I sing to impact. I got this song lifted heart on Saturday at my church rehearsals, I was actually not feeling too strong and I went for our choir rehearsals, while we were waiting for the  rest of our choir members the holy spirit just dropped the progression of the song and the song it self and then as I was singing it with the whole of my heart I started feeling light and relived and the more I sang it the more I was made whole, and then after I finished I was strong, healed and I was bouncing again. So I encourage you to be expectant as you listen to this song, if only you can sing it from your heart and offer it on to God your maker, he will surely visit you just like he did to me, God bless you and more Grace as you listen.”

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