Sexual Education through articles, facts and resources on safer sex issues. Sexual Health discussed in depth.

Through safe sex education and the promotion of sexually responsible behavior (along with the correct use of condoms) as a society, we can help reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. STD prevention is one of THE top priorities at

Customers are constantly asking us questions like, “What condoms are the best to buy? What condoms protect against STD’s? Are all condoms effective against pregnancy? Why do condoms break?” and on and on.

We strive to take the awkwardness out of sexual health discussions by turning sex education into a fun learning experience. There should be no stigmas when dealing literally with life and death decisions. The more educated, comfortable and open the world is about safe sex education, std prevention and condom use — the healthier our society will be. The end definitely justifies the means.


Zika virus sexually transmitted in Florida, officials sayThe first sexually transmitted Zika case of 2017 has been confirmed in Pinellas County, Florida, according to health officials. CDC Recommends using Condoms. The Florida Department of Health made the announcement Tuesday Aug 1st, 2017 The infected individual was diagnosed with Zika after having sexual contact with a partner who recently traveled to Cuba and was sick with symptoms of the virus. Health officials stressed there is no evidence that mosquitoes are transmitting Zika anywhere in the state. The name and sex of the person infected were not disclosed.The department stressed that Zika can be transmitted sexually and to take…


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