Actors: For the audience, actors are the most visible and tangible part of the
production. While they are obviously essential to any film, they are pieces in a much
larger puzzle. Behind every actor is a director guiding his or her performance, a
cinematographer creating the perfect light and film exposure, a screenwriter providing
plot and dialogue, an art director designing the physical environment and a costume
designer providing the proper attire. Considering an actorʼs role within this larger context
also suggests that his or her job is much more difficult than just appearing on the set
and reciting lines.
Music: Music has been an integral part of movies since cinemaʼs earliest days in the
1890s. A piano or organ player accompanied even the simplest silent films. The silent
movie palaces of the 1920s were equipped with elaborate organs and orchestra pits to
accommodate large groups of live musicians. When sound was integrated into the
filmmaking process, music, sound effects and dialogue became essential tools for
enhancing a filmʼs visual qualities. Writing movie music has been a full-time profession
since the 1930s and is still a critical component in filmmaking

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