There’s one thing that some filmmakers fail to understand, they are focused more on their monetary profit not the quality of what they are producing, forgeting the fact that if their products comes out nice profit won’t be any issue. You can’t plant cassava and expect to harvest cocoa, the measure you give the measure you shall receive. Change the orientation of giving out poor quality to get back a high profit and you will see how you will succeed in all your productions. If the budget to make your films is not enough sit back don’t rush to it cos you will end up managing, which will not or may not be the best for you,  most crew and actors don’t really work with their heart when they are under payed, to get a good output everyone  on your set should be working from their heart. Don’t  manage crew all in the name of minimizing cost go for the best that can and will deliver  your project. I hope this might help someone today

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